6 Months to Paris: The Nail Challenge

Brian proposed a special challenge for me a few months ago, saying if I could stop biting my nails for six months straight, he would take me back to Paris.

Well, friends. Challenge accepted!

I started the bet by getting acrylic nails applied as quickly as possible. I’ve had them done three times now with significant success. While Brian will tell you I’ve slipped up once or twice, I think the photos prove I’m makiing significant progress.

My first attempt was to get nails that looked as natural as possible. I asked for a clear(ish) coat with natural looking tips. The results to the left turned out pretty well and I couldn’t really complain about the price ($27 for the full set). The nail set seemed heavy and awkward for the first few days, and I wanted to keep picking at all the miniscule imperfections that popped up.

Eventually, I stopped trying to find new ways to get my fingers into my mouth and started admiring how nice they looked all painted and pretty.

A month later, I walked in with nails that looked like they’d been put through a shredder. Apparently, the damn things start to pop off one at a time after about three weeks. Eric (at the Nails Spa in Eastern Market) was an angel and redid the whole mess with an impressive eye for detail. He even talked me into a blend of bright pink that I never would have tried myself. We tested it on one nail and LOVED it. As you can see, the results were a happy jump into Spring.

A couple weeks later, Brian and I headed out to Luray for a friend’s wedding which included manicures for the bridesmaids. We all ended up getting the same color (surprise, surprise). Luckily it was a generic shade of rosy pink that goes with pretty much everything.

My cunning plan is to post new stories and photos with new nails every few weeks until the bet is complete and Brian and I are eating Nutella crepes under the Eiffel Tower.

Check back in two weeks and I’ll have have new nail designs and photos. I am having so much fun goofing around with new colors and am totally open to outside ideas! 



  1. I love being able to paint super bright colors on my toes, which means neutrals on the fingernails. Also, I've hard that filing is actually bad for them; better to just clip regularly. 🙂


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