Here We Go Again

After weeks of searching for a new CrossFit box that wasn’t going to charge us an entire paycheck to kill ourselves 3x a week, Brian and I have gotten lucky! Living Social is offering a fantastic deal where you can work out at Nassau CrossFit for a month for only $35. We realized there will probably never be a coupon like this again and jumped on it right away.

After stalling and putting it off for a few days (oh, the siren’s call of burritos and True Detective), we managed to rush to the new location and arrived… ten minutes after class had started. Here’s the thing, this place is in a strip mall of half empty stores and fast food chains. We somehow managed to park at the back end of the parking lots and definitely got in a little cardio before even got there.

Me in class (to scale)

This class was class was definitely a little different from the last one in that it was the two of us and one other guy, so the class was personalized to our strengths and weaknesses more so than last time. We started with the usual warm up and stretches then moved to “presses”.

Oh boy.

So here’s something I didn’t know before. In CrossFit, there are three different types of presses: shoulder press, push press and push jerk. Of course none of these are what they sound like and involve somewhat complicated choreography of muscles I didn’t know I had, but in the end, I felt I could more than I was able to before.

yeah right

One of the many things I love about this type of exercise is that the trainers leave the hard stuff until the end and sort of trick you into thinking it’s not as hard as it actually is by breaking up the exercises into timed routines. This week, it was three minutes of as many burpees as possible. I didn’t count this time and focused  instead on pacing myself. Justin, our trainer, explained that is important as you work into longer or more complicated routines. They would rather have you do fewer reps and actually finish the time than burnout before the timer goes off. For my lazy, out of shape butt, this is the PERFECT way to motivate me. Convince me it’s not THAT hard then use positive reinforcement to burn WAY more calories than I thought I could in 5 minutes.

I still miss my boxing classes and am working on a way to do a couple classes each every week, but more the next month, Brian and I are making slow but steady progress towards the elusive goal of fitness. I’ll keep you posted on our routine. Maybe a few of you have suggestions on how to survive the world of CrossFit?

What’s the best way to keep yourself going? How do I stop looking in the mirrors? Is it normal to stare at the guys doing pull ups with longing and hope that one day, maybe I could do that too?


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