Since #LOVEWINS It’s Time for Christians to Embrace the Slanders… and the Opportunity

My husband wrote this today. I would suggest you go back and read part one, but this is really the meat of the issue. While I know many people will not agree with what he’s saying, I think everyone needs to take a look and what’s being said and how the arguments are answered.


(This is part 2 to the previous blog found here).

One of my favorite books is I Am Legend by Richard MathesonPlease forget the unfortunate Will Smith film attempt from a few years back. Forget even the earlier Charlton Heston and Vincent Price versions (although they have their virtues).  For some reason Hollywood just can’t bring the original book properly to the screen.  The setting is pretty familiar. Our hero is the last human on earth. Somehow all the other humans were changed into vampires and our hero is waging a war for survival while also trying to develop a cure that will restore the vampires back to humans.

Seriously, it's been 60 years.  Pick up a book. Seriously, it’s been 60 years. Pick up a book.

It doesn’t’ quite work out.  Right when our hero finishes the cure that would turn the world back to its pre-vampire status, he gets captured. The final chapter is…

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